Thursday, April 10, 2014

Helpful Tips for Your Holiday Guests

Planning on having guests stay over during the holidays?  We all want our guests to enjoy their stay, so here are some tips to help make their stay even better!

Create an “In case you forgot” basket to keep in the guest room, stash easily forgotten necessities such as:

- A toothbrush  - Mouthwash
- Toothpaste - Disposable razors
- Soap - Floss
- Shampoo
- Pain Reliever
- Lotion
- Makeup removing wipes

If you can’t entertain or be the tour guide for your guests the entire time they are visiting,  include in this basket a local map, brochures for local attractions, a calendar of local events, etc. so your guests can have all the information they need to get out and about on their own if they need or want to.

Create a shelf in your pantry just for your guests and show them where it is. This way, they can help themselves to often needed items whenever they like without feeling guilty or like they need to ask permission.  Keep on your guest shelf items such as:

- Coffee - Chocolates
- Tea - Nuts
- Sugar/sweeteners - Trail Mix
- Honey - Crackers
- Fruit - If they brought a pet, pet treats

Keep the guest room simple and free of collectibles/knick knacks so that it’s easier to clean in preparation for company. If you store your collection of 500 miniature snow globes in the guest room, that’s a lot of cleaning to be done prior to your guests arriving. When cleaning in preparation, spend the most time on the guest bedroom and bath.  Your guests aren’t going to rummage through your bedroom closet, inspect under the sofa or do the white glove test on your furniture, so don’t stress about getting these areas sparkling.  Speed clean those areas and focus more on the areas your guests will be using.  

Most importantly, don’t sweat the small stuff, just enjoy the time with your company.  We at Sams Brothers would like to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving and holiday season.  

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